Here is a great opportunity to advertise your business

while supporting your local high school athletic program.  


This is a website for all of your sports scores and information for TVL teams.

It was developed because there really isn't a place to go to see results from the Tri-Valley League athletics.

Now, even if you want to check out a score from last week or last month, you can.

Tri-Valley League Schools include:
Camden, CVA, New Hartford, Notre Dame, Oneida, RFA, Utica-Proctor, VVS and Whitesboro

The benefit offered to the schools is a scholarship program that is possible

through advertising money. There are spots for one to four ads on each school page,

ranging in price from $200 - $800 (as shown below). Your ad will be seen anytime a

particular school's page is being viewed. Potentially ten's of thousands of views.

Also, your website will be linked to your ad for FREE, other sites charge for this

Ads are available on a first come first serve basis.

Once the $800 goal is achieved for a particular school, it's full and

you'll have to wait until next year. Ad's run the full school year.


You can advertise on your local school's pageor if your business reaches more areas,

do a couple of schools or even all schools.

30% of all advertising dollars goes to that page's scholarship.

Each school is set to receive a $300 scholarship from TVL Sports Central website in the

names of the sponsors of that school's page, if the goal of $800 in advertising is reached.

That's $2700 in scholarships we are hoping to give away with your help!


We would also like to thank Steet-Ponte Auto Group

for signing on as the main sponsor for the site and supporting TVL athletics.


This is being done in conjunction with all nine Athletic Directors of each school

in the TVL, and they will be pick the winner of the scholarship for their school.

Thank you for your consideration of this program.
If interested, please email with ad info and what school you wouls like to support.